Why Church Fellowship Matters to You

Yesterday, I preached at Resolved Bible Church in Norco, CA. Pastor Rudy Dolloso is an old friend of Pastor Felix and this was a wonderful time of fellowship and ministry through the Word. The church stood out with its hospitality and kindness to me as a guest (which lack in many churches today). I felt as if I were at a relatives house with family members who love what I love, the Word of God. Even after the service, it was great discussing ministry, testimonies, and topics within theology and apologetics with the people. They have a heart and desire for ministry and people that is rare in many churches. My hope is that they will cultivate and grow as they are guided by the Scriptures in their maturation.

My sermon was titled “The Joys of Unity.” They were able to record this and put it online. I hope this helps and encourages you to be motivated in your local church involvement and your necessity to be in constant fellowship with God’s people.

Text: Psalm 133
Title: The Joys of Unity

*This is the recording of the live streamed service. The sermon begins at 37:00 minutes.

Sermon Outline

 Proposition: Three reasons for being in a united fellowship.

  1. The Enjoyment in Unity (v. 1)
  2. The Taste of Unity (v. 2-3a)
    1. Abundantly Sweet (v. 2)
    2. Absolutely Refreshing (v. 3a)
  3. The Blessing from Unity (v. 3b)

This is just the video and the outline. I don’t know if anyone prefers our annotated/summarized notes more than our videos. Let us know if you prefer the notes, the videos, or both in these posts. Thanks!

*Update: Here is a link to the sermon audio (Thanks to RBC!).

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