First Leg

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The first leg of our teaching ministry is completed. Since we arrived, in June 25, we have gone to all three major islands of the Philippines: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. We are blessed to have ministered alongside CCT and CCF, Paranaque. I preached two sermons at CCF Paranaque and Alabang, respectively (one in English and the other Tagalog), one night Bible Study and taught a sum total of 40.5 hours of lecture (27 sessions of 1.5 hrs each in 6 days). Thank you for all of your prayers. The days have been long but the Lord is very gracious to provide necessary strength and patience. Our ministry host, CCT/CCF under the leadership of Ptr EJ was very generous in their care of us through Sis Cerela.

For the second leg of our ministry we move from the big city the island of Camiguine. We will provide pastors and church leaders training on Hermeneutics for 4 days. Our flight is on Monday at 0345 and we will be there until Thursday.

The latter part of that ministry takes us back to CCF, Makati where I will hold a two day seminar on Spiritual Disciplines. During this time we will be under the care of our host, Bro Bobby Cordon. I will provide detailed updates and pictures as this ministry unfolds.

For this weekend we plan to meet with ministry partners, Grace Evangelical Missions (Arnold Quinsay, Jun Riototar and Ptr Lito), and members of The Master’s International Academy, Phil. The Expositor’s Academy (Alan Luciano, Chad Dexter, and Vincent Greene).

Thank you again for your prayers and support. (We missed the 4th of July celebrations!)

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