John Macarthur Preaches at 2016 Western Conservative Summit


On Sunday, July 3, 2016, John Macarthur preached at the 2016 Western Conservative Summit held at Colorado Christian University. A place where popular conservatives gathered to hear sessions and seminars on today’s political issues.

Macarthur received an invitation to preach a message on the Sunday as a way of closing out the conference. I will post the video below along with a short description from The Master’s Seminary website:

“His address emphasized the nation’s need to respect the law of God to prevent its own destruction, and declared God’s standards as the only standards by which a nation is measured. While acknowledging Christians’ inability to bring an entire nation to worship at the Master’s feet, MacArthur stressed the fundamental need to see the one true God elevated above all other gods.”

He is introduced at minute  1:35:56
He begins speaking at minute 1:40:00

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