You Got Served

One time, my wife and I were at a restaurant and I kindly asked the waiter if there was shrimp in the soup. He replied no and so we ordered it. I asked not because I don’t like shrimp—I actually love shrimp. I asked because my wife is allergic to shrimp. Still, a few hours … More You Got Served

2020 Goal: Love.

There are so many different kinds of New Year’s resolutions. People can make honest evaluations of their lives and see the need for change in every area. These can often manifest themselves in the different kinds of resolutions we make. Whether it is personal health, relationships, professional development, or finances there is always something in … More 2020 Goal: Love.

10 Years a Member

Reflections on 10 Years of Membership at One Church In my entire life I have been a member at 2 churches. First, the church my parents raised me in. Second, the church I interned for in seminary and now pastor. I have spent most of my believing life at this current church. This year is … More 10 Years a Member

When to Refuse Hospitality (Strauch)

Alexander Strauch wrote this wonderful book titled The Hospitality Commands, and I recommend it to you if you desire to learn more about biblical hospitality. Though I could reference many of the positive instructions on hospitality from the book, I want to highlight some of his comments on Christians refusing hospitality. This section was very intriguing. When … More When to Refuse Hospitality (Strauch)