Parenting with Loving Correction (Book Review)

Parenting with Loving Correction by Sam Crabtree. Book Summary:  “This book aims to help you better understand loving correction clear steps and practical tips aimed at transforming not only your children’s behavior but also their hearts. Rooted in three principles—keep it God-centered, always mean what you say, and reward obedience rather than disobedience—this is a … More Parenting with Loving Correction (Book Review)

The Economy, COVID-19, the Giving Basket, and Your Heart

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting every part of life. One area of life that it has interrupted is the economy. Governments are arguing over stimulus packages, non-essential business are shut down, and people are less social. This means that money is not flowing as usual. This is seen across the globe and not merely in … More The Economy, COVID-19, the Giving Basket, and Your Heart

Serving Your Church During the “Stay at Home” Order

Social distancing is now a household term. The CA government is recommending that we “stay at home” except for essential work and necessities. Churches everywhere are suspending their services or utilizing technology as a means of continuing communication with their members in this time of crisis. So how do we serve the church without seeing … More Serving Your Church During the “Stay at Home” Order

Church, Technology, and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing individuals, organizations, and governments to evaluate and reflect upon their values and responsibilities and the church is no exception. Many churches, in a non-sinful act, have canceled their services. They have done so under the guidance of Scripture to obey civil government (Rom 13:1–7; 1 Pet 2:13–16). Other churches, who … More Church, Technology, and COVID-19