AFC Family Camp 2014: Ecclesiology (The Church)

Several churches gathered together this past weekend at a place called Victory Ranch near Moreno Valley. There was good food, great fellowship, and fun activities that kept everyone moving all weekend. But what made this camp so encouraging was the teaching of the Scriptures. The focus of the lessons was based on the study of Ecclesiology, or the study of the church. The goal was to take a look at the church through the perspective of time (Past, Present, and Future). Here are the messages:

The Past
Title: Where it all Started (The Beginning of No Ending)
Speaker: Manny Abadilla

The Present
Title: Fellowship and the Life of the Church
Speaker: Micah Anglo

The Present
Title: The Purity of God’s People
Speaker: Mark Pakingan

The Future
Title: The Destiny of God’s People
Speaker: Felix Ballon


These messages were a blessing to me personally, and I hope they can help you in your study of the church. Please pass this on to anyone who desires to learn more about the local church. Or, if anyone needs to grow  in their love for the local church, this will help them. With so many opinions on the church and all the different perspectives out there, it was refreshing to hear a clear explanation of Ecclesiology from the Bible. I hope that we all will learn to cherish the bride of Christ, the church, as much as Christ cherishes her.





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