Charismatic Theology

Pastor Felix did a 3 Part series during our first Sundays at Cal Heights Baptist. This is great for anyone who is confused about Charismatic theology or who desires to minister to those in charismatic circles.

1) Charismatic Theology: A Brief Overview of the Modern Charismatic Movement
This message goes through a quick summary of the history of Charismatic theology. Its roots give a better understanding of where this movement came from.

2) Charismatic Theology: Why I am Not a Charismatic
This message argues for Concentric Cessationism. It is biblical stance on apostleship, prophecy, tongues, and healing.

3) Charismatic Theology: Biblical Charismata
This message takes a look at Ephesians 4:18-21. It addresses what the “filling of the Spirit” really is.

You can hear/watch these sermons here:

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