New Projects

Hello everyone! SBCAC is undergoing quite a few ministry changes and new projects. Please pray with/for us as we want to please the Lord in all these endeavors. Stay posted for the new things on the horizon! We’re excited to explore the social media world a bit more and seeing how we can glorify Christ through this. These projects include a podcast, Twitter, Instagram, newsletters, and more! Our first podcast is already finished and we’re just working on the online feed.

In the meantime, check out this post by our good friend and brother Slimjim at Veritas Domain. It was very convicting for me. Here is one of my favorite lines that I’ve been thinking about (and it was in a parenthetical reference).

“[W]e forget the tremendous importance of love–even as an epistemological concept” (John Frame).

John Frame Quote: Doctrinal Controversy and Spiritual/Ethical Immaturity

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