New Projects

Hello everyone! SBCAC is undergoing quite a few ministry changes and new projects. Please pray with/for us as we want to please the Lord in all these endeavors. Stay posted for the new things on the horizon! We’re excited to explore the social media world a bit more and seeing how we can glorify Christ … More New Projects

John Frame on Systematic Theology

Good Morning Systematic Theologian, I’ve been wanting to make my way through John Frame’s new Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Christian Belief and I finally got around to reading the first section, “What is Theology?” Here are some things I appreciated about his first chapter. Appreciation #1: Theology’s Aim is Sanctification Frame’s treatment of defining theology … More John Frame on Systematic Theology

Urgent Care Training

“If you try to minister to people without a solid knowledge of God’s Word and an ability to apply it to human needs, you are worse than a physician who treats people in medical ignorance. Worse, because the consequences can be eternal” (pg. 12). – John Frame in Studying Theology As A Servant of Jesus