God-Honoring Relationships: Singleness, Dating, and Marriage (Media)

Over the past weekend, our friends at Christian Fellowship Bible Church and Community of Faith Bible Church hosted a conference in West Covina on “God-Honoring Relationships.” This conference covered the topics of singleness, dating, courtship, marriage, and parenting. It was very practical and all types of relationships in different seasons of life. Whatever your current marital status, I encourage you to check out these resources to encourage and to edify your soul in the area of relationships.

(Each are livestream recordings. See the comment sections on each for the time stamps)

Day 1: God-Honoring Relationships in Singleness, Dating, Courtship + Q&A 

Day 2: God-Honoring Relationships in Marriage, Conflict/Parenting, Leaving a Legacy (Ephesians 5) + Q&As with Wives.

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