How Should I Vote?

Every upcoming election has its unique questions and concerns, so Christians should be diligent in thinking through their approach toward voting. There are many competing voting voices from social media, television, and even friends, that are tempting for us to follow, but these voices sometimes give advice that is far from the Christian worldview. To help frame our minds, here are some Christian resources that can help us think through these issues.

(1) Voting in a Two-Party System: 10 Other Questions to Ask (Kevin DeYoung)

“But how should we think about voting when the party you like more puts up a candidate you have a hard time liking at all?”

(2) Politics, Conscience, and the Church (Andy Naselli)

An article that discusses how to vote according to your conscience.

(3) What Makes a Vote Moral or Immoral? The Ethics of Voting (Jonathan Leeman)

“Nine principles that will help you determine for yourself whether a given vote is morally better or worse or at least morally permissible.”

(4) Resources from the 2020 Election (The Contenders)

A wide variety of resources from differing perspectives from the 2020 election.

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