Election Resources for Christians (2020)

Christians are doing their best to think through this upcoming election. In order to aid in this endeavor, I have compiled a list of online articles and resources related to voting. People are busy in this season but also need to think carefully about these issues, so I hope it provides easier access to helpful information.

I have listed each article with a short description along with topic tags for easy navigation. This is a non-partisan, unbiased presentation of information that gives resources from different Christian perspectives and approaches to voting. (I will continue to update this as we approach the election).

Scan through the articles to see what articles may help you. Do not dismiss them merely because of their title, because you might neglect other helpful points that could edify you. Each article has something to contribute even if you disagree with their main point. Be open to challenging and refining your convictions and interacting with the material with a wise and discerning heart. The articles are not a holistic endorsement of the author, but a recommendation of their particular article’s contribution to the topic of voting.

Christian Principles for Voting

An article that gives 9 principles for determining when a given vote is morally better, worse, or permissible. Leeman does a good job not picking sides but help testing voting with different considerations

(topics: immoral laws, character of candidates, single-issue voting, stewardship in voting, motives in voting.)

Conscience Voting: More resources and links about voting your conscience for lay people and church leaders from Andy Naselli. I have not read all of the resources he recommends. He describes how he thought through voting his conscience and deals different political parties and their history.

Topics: voting conscience, other resources.

(See: Free Audiobook: How Can I Love Church Members with Different Politics? for six practical recommendations for Christians who are divided on political issues)

How To Pick a Candidate: Kevin DeYoung shares a short section on which president to vote for in the election. In the middle of the page, he gives good guiding principles worth considering. The article covers other topics as well not related to the election. He states that Christians need to be clearer in their disagreements too.

Topics: good principles for voting, how to pick a candidate, voting for one of the two parties.

Understanding Different Perspectives in Voting: Some may be taken back by the John Macarthur critique, but don’t overlook the helpful insights on voting that Victor Sholar gives. He provides alternative viewpionts and motives for voting that help you understand Christians across the isle. If you agree or disagree with the Macarthur critique, there are still helpful principles on politics, endorsement, and voting here for all Christians to consider here.

Topics: what a vote means, testimony, the “Christian” vote, God’s kingdom.

Let Christians Vote as Though They Were Not Voting

Christ is Supreme: Piper reminds Christians that their joy is not in the outcome of an election. Christ is supreme. Christians should not make voting the end of our life and worship, and though we should give it attention it should not be given our fullest attention.

Topics: outcome of election, eternal perspective, supremacy of Christ, participation.

Voting and Endorsing Parties and Candidates

Pro-Lifers and Joe Biden. An argument arguing that pro-lifers should heavily consider not voting for Joe Biden. Note: this article is not in favor of voting for Donald Trump, but addresses heavily the issue of voting its relationship to the topic of abortion.

Topics: single-issue voting, abortion, voting pro-life.

*For potential reasons why a Christian may vote for a democratic candidate, see the above article: Politics and the Christian Faith: Thoughts on John MacArthur’s Statement.

Against Donald Trump. An article that about how Christians should in their vote care for the truth. Note: it is a strong critic of Donald Trump and the author states what a vote for Donald Trump may do to our society and Christian testimony.

Topics: a focus on truth in society; social conservatism, identity politics.

Third-Party Voting, Not Voting: The article defines voting and notes how voting has become a ritualized type of war. He calls for Christians to make rational decisions in voting and make it matter of prudence rather than a two-party war. He suggests considerations for voting third-party or not voting at all and how voting affects testimony. He notes justified critiques of both parties

Topics: defining voting,  voting in state and federal levels, third-party voting, not voting, voting as a matter of wisdom, morality of candidates, should we vote for a Christian; is voting in support for evil, preaching politics, what does a president do.

Morality of Endorsing Candidates. Does voting endorse the moral life of candidate? Does a Christian’s vote endorse the sin of a candidate? What is a Christian’s thought process in voting? The article states that the candidate’s moral life is only one of many considerations in Christian voting.

Topics: morality of candidates, voting and endorsement of character, consequentialism in voting and ethics, how to pick which president to vote for.

Third-Party Voting. An article against both candidates. The author believes we should not be forced to serve political parties but that they should, instead, serve the people’s interest. A strong push for supporting the American Solidarity Party, but an article in general that makes you think about voting for any third-party—not just the ASP.

Topics: single issue voting, idolatry in politics, two-party war.

Voting not a Sacrament, Trump Support. Strong defense for Christians to unapologetically vote for Donald Trump. A good word on the Christian false “sacrament” of voting. Though a strong push for voting for Trump, it still gives some important considerations for those do not support Donald Trump.

Topics: voting and endorsement of character, what God is doing, unhealthy ways to support Trump, voting not a sacrament.

Letter to an Anti-Trump Christian Friend

Grudem shares why he is voting for Donald Trump. He addresses the main concerns over Christians supporting Trump and the Christian testimony involved. He believes he has a middle-ground assessment with some objective facts regarding voting for this candidate.

Topics: endorse policies but not character, morality of voting, choosing between two candidates, evaluating character of candidates, a divided country.

Cameron Triggs suggests a general posture that all Christian should have toward all political parties and all candidates. He warns that partisan worship may be a more vicious legalism today. A good article that reminds Christians in their voting not to elevate a political party higher than they should.

Topics: No candidate is perfect, neither party is Christian, politicians don’t always keep promises, diversity is a strength, what to do before you vote.

Voter’s Guides

The Veritas Domain’s Christian Voters Guide

Every election brother Jimmy Li gives out a Christian voters guide for both LA County and Orange County. Ratings and evaluations are from a conservative perspective, but will give you background information candidates, propositions, and more.

Party Platform Summaries

This is a helpful summary of the parties and their platform from My Faith Votes. Gives you the lay of the land and a non-partisan summary of each of the groups.

Church Ministry and the Election

A Letter to Pastors on a Biblical Requirement to Vote

An article that addresses what pastors and churches can do to promote a healthy approach toward the election. It does a good job addressing what churches should and should not do and where political lines should not be crossed.

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