Songs & Scripture: “Your Great Name We Praise (Immortal, Invisible)”

Series overview: I’d like to start a series of blogs that I’ll update throughout time entitled, “Songs & Scripture.” The aim isn’t necessarily to represent the author’s intent cause I may not always know it, but the aim is to try and tie the lyrics of Christians songs to passages with similar words and/or themes. I may not always put a commentary, but will try my best to explain the connections I may see.

I’d like to think this series reflects where my mind and heart may go when I listen to these songs in personal devotional times or congregational singing. Granted, my mind isn’t this hyperactive, there are times where I may just focus on one line or thought throughout the entire song. Nonetheless, this is a reflection of how I honor God with my mind as I hear and/or sing these songs.

Purpose: Believers are encouraged to use this for devotional time and reflection. Congregations are encouraged to use this as call to worship texts or Scripture readings in between songs. Pastors-teachers can use this as illustrations or references. Parents can use this to teach their children theology. At the end of the day, I aim to make this a devotional resource that marries together the beauty of Christian doctrine and music.

I’ve posted the screen shots of the document I’m working through and have put them in a slideshow below:

Here are the lyrics:

Immortal, invisible God only wise
In light inaccessible hid from our eyes
Most holy, most glorious the ancient of days
Almighty, victorious Your great name we praise

Unresting, unhasting and silent as light
Not wanting or wasting You rule us in might
Your justice like mountains high soaring above
Your clouds which are fountains of goodness and love

Most holy, most glorious
The Ancient of Days
Almighty, victorious
Your great name we praise

All life comes from You Lord to both great and small
In all life you live Lord, the true life of all
We blossom and flourish, but quickly grow frail
We wither and perish, but You never fail

Great Father of glory, pure Father of light
Your angels adore you all veiling their sight
All praise we will render, O Father of grace
Till one day in splendor we see face to face

Here is a YouTube link to the song:

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