Refreshing Resources (7/16/21)

Here are a list of good resources that I recommend to you. I hope to post links to helpful content more regularly and I pray that it aids you in your relationship with the Lord.

1. Article: Single in a Church of Families from Desiring God
A good article for both singles and married in the church. Helps to remind us about marital status in comparison to eternity and the church being a family that loves the married and the single and encourages all to pursue contentment in Christ.

2. Article: More Literal Than Thou by Daniel Stevens
An article that explains why Christians love literal translations of the Bible and what it means to have an “essentially literal” translation while providing examples and explaining differences in translations.

3. Article: Help for When Anxiety Keeps You up at Night by Tom Sugimura 
Tom shares one of the scariest moments of his life when his daughter had a major health concern. He shares his family’s journey and how Psalm 4 anchored him in that dark season of suffering.

4. Sermon: The Invincibility of Grace by Anthony Kidd, Romans 8:28-39 (Sermon begins at 34:32)
An encouraging overview on a very popular section on Romans 8. I recommend this sermon for personal encouragement.

5. Video: Rejoice with those Who Rejoice; Weep with those who weep by 9Marks. A short interview with Jonathan Leeman and Paul Martin on how to love each other through weeping and rejoicing. Martin’s article is linked in the video description.

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