Refreshing Resources (7/28/21)

July 28, 2021

Sermon: Do You Love Me? by Steve Lawson.
A good sermon on Peter’s interaction with Jesus at the end of the Gospel of John when he was asked by Jesus if he truly loved Him.

Podcast: How Can I Find Someone to Disciple Me?
This discussion is about discipleship and tips on how to find someone to disciple you. It addresses all maturity levels of Christians and best practices on how to approach someone.

Article:  Devotional Options for Those Who Have Fallen Behind
If you are behind in your devotions for 2021, do not fear. Challies gives a massive amount of recommendations for starting fresh in the middle the year. No need to wait for January!

Article: Is Revelation 20 the Only Premillennial Text? by Michael Vlach.
Some believe that the premillennial kingdom may only be supported by Revelation 20. Michael Vlach notes that there are some Old Testament Scriptures passages that don’t seem to fit the description of the eternal state nor this age.

Article: Even to Your Old Age : New Life for Christian Grandparents from Desiring God.
There are not many articles related to Christian grandparents and godly grandparenting. This is a good article that gives principles for grandparents and how they can use their wisdom and experience to invest in the next generation in their family.

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