Top 5 Posts of 2020

Here is a list of our top posts from the year of 2020. We recommend them to you as they still are very relevant to what we are experiencing at the beginning of this new year. I pray that these will encourage you today.

1. I Know A Place . . .

A helpful devotional on where we can turn as Christians for refuge and help. A good post for those who are discouraged.

2. What I Miss about the Physical Gathering of the Local Church

A post from Pastor Mark about what he missed the most about the local church during the COVID-19 lockdown. Helpful for the Christian in appreciating the physical gathering of the church.

3. Election Resources for Christians (2020)

A collection of different articles and resources related to election, voting, and politics for Christians. Relevant in any year.

4. Ways to Pray for the COVID-19 Situation

A post in March about different ways and types of prayers for the pandemic, our society, and ourselves. Things to continue to pray for going into the new year.

5. What Do I Do After the Election?

Here are four principles for Christians to live by after the election. A relevant article for this month as we continue serve the church and our community in the coming years.

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