10 Years a Member

Reflections on 10 Years of Membership at One Church In my entire life I have been a member at 2 churches. First, the church my parents raised me in. Second, the church I interned for in seminary and now pastor. I have spent most of my believing life at this current church. This year is … More 10 Years a Member

Small Group Discussion: What is a Healthy Church Member?

Every Saturday morning I meet with a group of some of our church’s young men. Normally, I pick a topic and we read through some selected passages to discuss the text and some practical applications (it is a sort of informal use of the Swedish method of Bible study). A few weeks ago I asked … More Small Group Discussion: What is a Healthy Church Member?

Race and the Church (P4CM Discussion)

Here is the recording of yesterday’s Google Hangout discussion on Race and the Church hosted by The Passion for Christ Movement (P4CM). It is a discussion between Maliek Blade and Pastor Bobby Scott who is a dear friend and brother to the contributors of this blog. This discussion does not deal with all the issues and you may disagree with … More Race and the Church (P4CM Discussion)

Growing in Unity

The following is an excerpt from Harold Hoehner’s commentary on Ephesians 4:16. I had read this section in my Exegesis of Ephesians class as required reading and I never finished the blog entry. I hope it blesses you and how you cherish unity within your local church. Throughout, Paul makes it clear that the ultimate source … More Growing in Unity