WW: The Instrument of Godliness

For this Watson Wednesday, we will read a few excerpts from this section from The Godly Man’s Pictured titled “A Godly Man Strives to be an Instrument for Making Others Godly.” Thomas Watson seems to be focused on how God uses a godly man both the area of evangelism and the sanctification of other believers. Though the source of godliness obviously comes solely from God, He uses godly men as instruments to bring about such godliness too. This is the point that Watson is making.

He is not content to go to heaven alone but wants to take others there. Spiders work only for themselves, but bees work for others. A godly man is both  diamond and a lodestone- a diamond for the sparkling lustre of grace and a lodestone for his attractiveness. He is always drawing others to embrace piety. Living things have a propagating virtue. Where religion lives in the heart, there will be an endeavour to propagate the life of grace in those we converse with: ‘My son, Onesimus, whom I have begotten in my bonds’ (Philem. 10). Though God is the fountain of grace, yet the saints are pipes to transmit living streams to others. This great effort for the conversion of souls proceeds: (1) from the nature of godliness, (2) from a spirit of compassion, (3) from a holy zeal he has for Christ’s glory (pp. 184-85).

A godly man will be careful that his children should know God…. Augustine says that his mother Monica travailed with greater care and pain for his spiritual than for his natural birth (p. 186).

Let all who have God’s name placed on them do what in them lies to advance piety in others. A knife touched with a lodestone will attract the needle. He whose heart is divinely touched with the lodestone of God’s Spirit will endeavour to attract those who are near him to Christ (p. 187).


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