Race and the Church (P4CM Discussion)

Here is the recording of yesterday’s Google Hangout discussion on Race and the Church hosted by The Passion for Christ Movement (P4CM). It is a discussion between Maliek Blade and Pastor Bobby Scott who is a dear friend and brother to the contributors of this blog.

This discussion does not deal with all the issues and you may disagree with some of the things you hear. But it may benefit you to take a listen to what both men have to say and consider everything carefully and biblically. Please be respectful in the comments. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Race and the Church (P4CM Discussion)

  1. This was much more nuance than the past’s chapel message which I was highly disappointed with in the past. Yet I think this assume still too much about systemic police brutality that might not be confirmed by actual more careful empirical data. I think it is yet proven that the government has allowed and make provision for murder which was stated in 38 minutes mark. We must never forget that cops too are innocent and proven guilty before the law just like everyone else so we need to be very very careful as pastors to jump the gun. I think this assume too much of the world’ own thinking of things like white people have power, and too much through the lens of black and white only. One of the pastor on here whom I respect here lives in a community where there’s more black versus brown problem…yet the narrative of black and white is always the focus. Why is that? Off topic I also found it ironic how some people can talk about the LA riots as if its a black versus white thing. The biggest victims of the LA riots were yellow. https://veritasdomain.wordpress.com/2012/04/28/los-angeles-riots-the-forgotten-side-of-racism-of-the-l-a-riots/ You would never get that from the way the world talks about the riot and that talk has entered into the church as well.
    There’s talk here about having more Blacks in denominational and seminary leadership….you probably see more African American teaching than Asians even though Asians in certain seminaries are a growing percentage getting advance degrees and in the seminary but there’s not necessarily that reflection in the faculty.
    Nevertheless it was edifying. Really.

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