The G3 Conference


I stumbled across this Bible conference held every January in Atlanta, Georgia that could be a helpful resource to those in the area. They also post their message online, so it can also be another source of solid Bible teaching.

Here is their mission statement: “The mission of the G3 Conference is to educate, encourage, and equip for the work of ministry and for the glory of God.  Our mission is built upon the foundation of the holy Scriptures and upheld by three pillars – gospel, grace, and glory.  It is our goal to see the people who attend the G3 to reach the neighborhoods and the nations with the gospel.”

It is a conference that has been around for a few years now, and it seems to be growing in popularity. This may be something that my interest you or someone that you know. Here is the promo video for the upcoming conference:

Here is the website’s list of people that will be speaking:

Paul Washer
Steven J. Lawson
D.A. Carson
Voddie Baucham
James White
Tim Challies
Conrad Mbewe
Phil Johnson
Josh Buice
David Miller
Rosaria Butterfield
David Hall
Todd Friel
John Crotts
Nathan Busenitz
Chip Thornton
Chris King
Anthony Mathenia
Scott Klusendorf

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