Christian Ethics: Homosexuality in the Eyes of God

This sermon brought members in our congregation, including myself, to the point of tears. The ethics series has been such a blessing to our church, so we pray that you would be blessed by it also.

Here are some disclaimers. We do not have a fixated vendetta against a specific people group (if you have been with us, this is just the next topic in our series). Also, since this is such a heated topic, we ask that you listen to the entire sermon and do not take statements out of context. Be open to be taught and seek to be understanding of a position that does not agree with yours (treat this like you would want others to understand you). If you would like to give your comments, please be respectful and mind your language. Keep in mind, this is not a political speech it is a sermon. The authority comes from what the Scriptures say about homosexuality.

Title: Homosexuality in the Eyes of God

Text: Selected Scriptures

I.  Introduction

II. The Subject of Debate

III. Hermeneutics and God’s Will

IV. How to Love

2 thoughts on “Christian Ethics: Homosexuality in the Eyes of God

  1. Very, very, very good. This is very powerful. Biblical, uncompromising, compassionate, nuanced, clear and Gospel centered. That was a Spirit filled message.

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