Trick-or-Treat Theology

Since the topic of Christians and Halloween has been pounded to a pulp by the blogosphere, here at Truth with Love we shall do something a bit different. Halloween seems to be a highly debated topic that occurs annually among the evangelical community.

It seems though that the participation of such a holiday falls under the realm of Christian liberty, therefore it is appropriate to post our test questions for Christian liberty as you are formulating your opinion on Halloween. Afterward considering these things, you will be able to analyze the holiday and participate in a discerning way. Or, if you choose the other route, you can abstain from it while treating others who disagree with you in a loving and understanding manner. These questions can also help those who are finding ways to turn this into an opportunity for evangelism.

A list of helpful blog sources will get you going on your research for the history of Halloween and how Christians should view it. Keep in mind, there are nuances to everyone’s point of view and it is possible that they may differ slightly from one another. But each one seeks to honor the Lord in their conviction on Halloween.

Use these test questions as you are developing your conviction on the subject:

1) Does it cultivate holiness?
2) Does it discourage worldliness?
3) Does it stumble your brother?
4) Does it weigh you down?
5) Does it bring you benefit?
6) Does it glorify God?

Here are the recommended links:

Is Halloween for Christians? by Pastor Bobby Scott (Truth in the City)
Holiness and Halloween by Nathan Busenitz (The Master’s Seminary) (NEW)
What Christians Should Know about Halloween (Gospel Coalition)
Christians and Halloween (Grace to You)
Flight or Fright? How to Redeem Halloween (Gospel Coalition)
9 Things You Should Know about Halloween and Reformation Day (Gospel Coalition)
Open the Door to Halloween (Desiring God)
Sent into Harvest: Halloween on a Mission (Desiring God)
Halloween – Trick or Retreat (Tim Challies)
My Halloween Theory (Tim Challies)
Halloween Fast Approaches (Tim Challies)
Christianity and the Dark Side – What about Halloween? (Albert Mohler)
What Should Christians Families Do with Halloween? (The Albert Mohler Program)
The Briefing: Halloween (Albert Mohler)
Where did Halloween Come from? Can a Christian Celebrate it? (Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry)
Halloween History and the Bible (Answers in Genesis)

Secular links on the origins:

History of Halloween (History Channel)
The Fantasy and Folklore of All Hallows (The Library of Congress)
All Hallow’s Eve (BBC)

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