Prayers for SBCAC

Our 20th Church Anniversary is on October 12 at 2:15 P. M.

I thought it would be nice to take this time to reflect and share some prayers for our local church in Long Beach. The church has gone through many ups and downs. People have come and gone and some have stayed. Nevertheless, the Lord has maintained the church and grown it tremendously. Our church is small and insignificant in the eyes of society, but we hope that God’s view of our ministry is one that pleases Him. The church’s unwavering fidelity to the Scriptures has been its cornerstone. And her desire for the growth of disciples has kept her steady and strong. Mistakes have taught us many things about each other and about ourselves, but the Lord has modeled what it is to show unconditional and faithful love. And at SBCAC it is only by the grace of God that allows us to stand and function. Only the Lord knows where we will be headed in the future. And that gives us comfort for the future.

Prayers for our church:

  • I pray that we will grow in their affections for Christ and that nothing in this world could rival our love for Him.
  • I pray that we will stay holy, pure, and unstained from the world so that we can display the image He intended us to display.
  • I pray that we will sacrifice their time, convenience, and resources for the church so that selflessness will cultivate in our hearts.
  • I pray that we will not see ministry as a burden but as a joy so that our service to one another would be motivated by our own happiness in giving.
  • I pray that we will improve our times of fellowship so that our Lord will be honored in our conduct with and encouragement toward one another.
  • I pray that we will hold doctrine and theology in a high and lofty place, so that our lives can be changed by the truth.
  • I pray that we will always have a teachable spirit so that we avoid prideful pitfalls and thoughts of “settling” with where we are.
  • I pray that we will make our life decisions with God and his people in mind as a priority and not an afterthought.
  • I pray that we will work for our marriages and families to grow and to endure through the pressures of life so that we might be an example to the world.
  • I pray that we will persevere through any tribulation or sin struggle, so that we can be complete in Christ Jesus.
  • I pray that we will be bold in our evangelism so that the fear of man does not supersede our care for lost souls.
  • I pray that we will, as a whole, be content in Christ no matter where He leads our church family, so that our joy will be steady and constant through the shifting shadows of life.

These are just a few random thoughts and prayers for our local body as I reflect upon the goodness God has shown our church family. May our hearts be ever tied to the Almighty, and may our plans be conformed in every part to the ways of Christ.

Join us as we celebrate!

Click here for the event website: SBCAC Anniversary Facebook Event Page

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