A God-Honoring Body

Sexual sin has been assaulting the church like a wildfire. Many constantly battle against their flesh and find themselves discouraged after they’ve succumbed to temptation. This is a familiar scene to both men and women in the church. The only solution is to hide the Word in our hearts so that we would not sin … More A God-Honoring Body

AFC Family Camp 2014: Ecclesiology (The Church)

Several churches gathered together this past weekend at a place called Victory Ranch near Moreno Valley. There was good food, great fellowship, and fun activities that kept everyone moving all weekend. But what made this camp so encouraging was the teaching of the Scriptures. The focus of the lessons was based on the study of Ecclesiology, or the … More AFC Family Camp 2014: Ecclesiology (The Church)

A Short Devotional on Church Unity & Purity

This past weekend we had the privilege of teaching at a joint retreat of four churches. Myself, Pastor Felix, and Pastor Micah covered topics regarding the church’s current state and future. As part of our responsibilities to teaching and preaching some were also asked to prepare a short devotional for camp attendees to read. Below … More A Short Devotional on Church Unity & Purity