A Pastor’s Saturday Night Prayer

Here’s a list of prayers I offer up on Saturday night in preparation for Sunday worship:

  • Prayers on behalf of my own soul and family:
    • Give me integrity of heart to love and serve my wife
    • Give my wife love for Christ and the church
    • Give me confidence in the Spirit and the Word, not in my study and gifting
    • Give me humility to look out for the needs of others no matter the task
    • Give me godly clarity of mind to lead
    • Give me gentleness of spirit
    • Give me humility to receive critique
  • Prayers specifically for my local church:
    • Give us a clear vision of the Triune God
    • Give us genuine praise to God for His attributes
    • Give us genuine praise to God for His work of salvation
    • Give us humility to receive God’s Word
    • Give us humility to serve one another
    • Give us love to share the gospel with the lost who may attend

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