Tired of Living Foolishly? A Book Review of Live Smart by Dan Dumas

I found Live Smart to be a book  that politely smacks the reader upside the head to get him to go in the way God intends him to go.  It is written by Dan Dumas who is a seasoned pastor.  He has  shepherd college students for fourteen years.  He is currently the senior Vice President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and teaches classes at Boyce College.  Dr. Mohler says that Dan Dumas is “the right man to write this book.  He is a leader and wants to help others lead.”

This book is divided up into four section. Part one is entitled “You+God” containing three chapters.  These chapters explain that to live wisely one must fear God above all things.  To grow one’s fear of the Lord, you must reads God’s Word and prays consistently.  Fearing the Lord, reading and applying God’s Word cannot be done alone.  There must be a group of people seeking to fear the Lord too. Thus Dumas ends the chapter explaining the importance of the Church in living smartly.

Part two is title “You+Others”.  The chapters within this section explain how one should relate to others.  Dumas divides our relationships into four categories: submitting to authority, serving others, seek mentors and choose friends wisely (thus the four chapters within this section).

The third part is titled “You+Yourself”. The five chapters within this section cover primarily the reader’s personal attitude and actions.  He admonishes his readers to take more risk, work hard, make character king, flee sexual immorality and embrace correction.

Lastly the fourth part is entitled “You+the Gospel”.  There are only two chapters found in this section entitled “Know the Gospel” and “Speak, Defend, and Spread the Gospel.”  These two chapters reminds the reader that the gospel must be proclaimed in our words and much time must be invested in it.  A weak knowledge of the gospel brings will only produce a weak proclamation.

Live Smart is a light read and is easy to grasp.  Dumas’s thoughts are clear and straightforward.  He weaves his personal experiences well with proper Bible exposition providing the reader with much encouragement and conviction.  The nature and content of the book leans towards a college and career audience but still beneficial for anyone.  So grab a copy and stop living foolish. Live Smart.

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