The Veritas Conference 2016 Main Sessions


This past Saturday, we held the first and newly named Veritas Conference in Long Beach. It was a wonderful gathering of local churches where we edified one another through fellowship and worship. In the preaching of the Word, our topic of discussion for this year was “The Gospel.” The conference Facebook page summarizes it this way:

“Veritas is the Latin word for truth. And truth is what is lacking in today’s society. As a conference led by local church pastors, it seeks to know, to understand, and to apply the truth in the lives of believers of all ages”

We’re thankful to all who attended and those who served and made this conference possible. Here are all the main session messages in one place. We’ll post the breakout sessions when they become available. We hope to see you for next year’s conference on Saturday, August 5, 2017. Save the date! (Check out past conferences here).


General Session 1: The Blessings of Faith (Mark Pakingan)


General Session 2: Authentic Gospel Faith (John Vo)


General Session 3: Adoption (Jimmy Li)

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