Praying through “The Valley of Vision”


A few weeks ago I came across this prayer guide by Joe Thorn. This prayer guide leads an individual in prayer by reading 3 prayers from the Valley of Vision per days from Monday to Friday. At the end of 13 weeks the individual would have completed the entire prayer book.

I’ve asked a few men from the church to join me as I try the plan out for myself. I’m excited, not for a legalistic structure, but to be led by godly prayers in the discipline of prayer 3 times a day. As a Christian living in the West we have so much access to such great theological and exegetical material. It seems as though we don’t ever fall short of Bible study resources, but we can often fall short in the spiritual discipline of prayer.

A failure to pray is a manifestation of pride. It shows an over dependence on one’s own ability and strength to “get them through the day.” When a person devotes himself to personal prayer he recognizes the necessity for divine aide in every aspect of life, not just salvation, but the ongoing sanctification.

If you would like to grow in the spiritual discipline of prayer check out the prayer guide and get started!

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