Worldviews and Evangelism: Liberalism

In February, Pastor Mark kicked off our new first of the month sermon series with the issue of liberalism. Please take a moment to listen to this message as it gives helpful definitions and terms to a topic that affects many areas of Christianity.

Title: The Libel of Liberalism: Liberal Theology’s Defamation of the Christian Faith
Text: Selected Scriptures


A. Introduction: Definitions

  1. Liberal Theology
  2. Naturalism
  3. Modernism

B. The Properties of Liberal Thinking

  1. Denial of Divine Intervention
  2. Distortion of Biblical Anthropology
  3. Degradation of Divine Revelation
  4. Desire for Worldly Recognition

C. The Principles of Liberal Thinking

  1. Evidence for Liberal Thinking
  2. Engine for Liberal Thinking

D. The Protection against Liberal Thinking

  1. Pray for Illumination
  2. Prioritize Love for God
  3. Proclaim the Truth

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