Prayer Request: A Fruitful Sabbatical

The church has gracious granted me a sabbatical for the next few weeks. If it’s not too much, I’d like to publicly ask for a fruitful sabbatical. The following bullet points are some specific ways you can pray for me during this precious time:

  • Pray for spiritual rest and refreshment through delighting in Christ
  • Pray for physical rest and refreshment
  • Pray that my wife and I would enjoy this time and grow in Christ together
  • Pray as I meditate on Scripture and seek out wisdom for the future ministry of our local church
  • Pray that I faithfully spend time in prayer. That I would truly wrestle with God (Col 2:1) for my soul and the members of the church.
  • Pray that I would diligently study the topic of Divorce and Remarriage since I will be giving some time to writing a position paper for the church

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