Long day in Davao City

June 27, 2014

Today was a very long day. Pastor Felix went through eschatology for 12 hours with the pastors at CCT Davao. It was tiring, but thanks be to God that we got through it all, and the people there were a great blessing to be with. They took good care of us and made us feel at home. They were really funny too. They had me laughing all day. One of the girls asked me if I was ok because I had been laughing so hard. I had a great time. During our lunch break, we went out and ate the famous fruit that I’d been warned prior to eating it that it “smells like hell but tastes like heaven”. To our surprise, it didn’t smell anything like hell at all, but it sure did taste like heaven. I can see why they call it the “king of fruits”. We came back from our lunch break, had another session, dinner, and then wrapped things up with one last session. Throughout these past few days I’ve been having conversations with a few pastors and students about how they desire to come to the US. They all say the same thing. How they would love to come to the US and experience all the things this country has to offer. They tell me of how difficult it is here and how blessed I am to not only live in the US but be able to afford a college education where I am being taught sound doctrine by men who love God and are so knowledgeable of the Word. One of the pastors told me that kids here that want a good education have to raise all of the money without financial aid, work all morning and go to school in the evening. I told them I attend The Master’s College and that John MacArthur is the president of the school. They speak so highly of him, and start to ask me all sorts of questions about him. Pastor Nonoy (pastor from Iloilo) told me he wants to come to the US just to own a MacArthur study bible. Being here reminds me of how easy it is to take the things we have for granted. Its very humbling to see how the people here desire the things that we have, things that we can easily attain, yet we neglect those very things like its nothing, but to them it costs so much and have to sacrifice a lot to get those very things. Even something like a study bible. God willing we continue our journey in Manila tomorrow. God bless.

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