Though You Slay Me

In Arkansas, a recent tornado hit unexpectedly and many people were displaced and many of those people lost loved ones. The Tittle family experienced this kind of loss. What makes it even more relevant to us is that they are fellow believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, as part of the universal church family, we should mourn alongside them as they have lost their father and two daughters in this tornado. As you read this powerful account of their experience, notice the response of the family in the midst of their loss. Afterward, think about how you as a believer would respond if placed in the same position. As much as I would love to elaborate on this situation, I think it is better for me to speak less and let the article speak for itself.

This article is a must read for all with a family (and that is all of us). Whether married or single, we have a family, and this article will cause you to greatly appreciate yours.

Here is the article: The Lord Gives, The Lord Takes Away

Maybe take a break from what you’re doing and take 10 minutes to read this. It is well worth it. Stop and appreciate all that God has given you.

An attitude of dependency and humility comes when you remember that anything and anyone can be taken away from you. It’s time to reflect.

Also, listen to this song from Shane and Shane which also relates:

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