John Owen on Matthew 16:16-18

Tomorrow, our church, South Bay Christian Alliance Church will be celebrating it’s 19th year anniversary. The Lord has been so gracious to sustain this local body for the past 19 years and look forward to how He will continue to work in her midst.

As an encouragement, here’s a quote from my favorite puritan theologian John Owen,

“The foundation of the church is twofold: (1.) Real; (2.) Doctrinal. And in both ways, Christ alone is the foundation. The real foundation of the church he is, by virtue of the mystical union of it unto him, with all the benefits whereof, from thence and thereby, it is made partaker. For thence alone hath it spiritual life, grace, mercy, perfection, and glory: Eph. 4:15, 16; Col 2:19. And he is the doctrinal foundation of it, in that the faith or doctrine concerning him and his offices is that divine truth which in peculiar manner animates and constitutes the Church of the New Testament: Eph 2:19-22. Without the faith and confession hereof, no one person belongs unto that church. I know not what is now believed, but I judge it will not yet be denied, that the external formal cause of the Church of the New Testament, is the confession of the faith concerning the person, offices, and grace of Christ, with what is of us required thereon.”[1]

[1] John Owen, “ΧΡΙΣΤΟΛΟΓΙΑ: or, A Declaration of the Glorious Mystery of the Person of Christ.” The Works of John Owen vol. 1, 34-35.

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