How Christians Can Respond to the Overturning of Roe v. Wade

With this historical decision, we’ve just begun to witness how society will choose to react and respond. As Christians, we must pay careful attention to how we, the church, choose to respond, so that we might avoid sinful responses, common temptations, and an ungodly testimony. My prayer is that we consider the following actions as a way of righteously responding to the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

1. Praise God for Common Grace

Though this is not a universal abortion ban, we do witness a general good for the society being accomplished. And it truly is an expression of God’s common grace to our country. Though states will be able to decide for themselves on the legality of abortion in their region, it will allow the opportunity for laws to restrain some acts of evil and even save the lives of babies created in the image of God. It may not be a salvation grace, but it is still a common grace to our society and an answered prayer to many Christians. We can raise genuine praise to God for what we are witnessing.

2. Help Those Who are Hurting

As we rightly celebrate this historic event, we recognize that there are those in our society grieving this decision rather than celebrating. As we proclaim the truth, may we simultaneously love the unbelieving world and still minister to those with differing convictions. We must serve them with Gospel truth and Gospel love. For the women who find themselves in this crisis situations, may God’s people work to befriend them, serve them, and direct them to the merciful Savior. May helping those who are hurting lead to souls being won for heaven.

3. Celebrate the Right Way

Christians can celebrate and rejoice a true victory for life, but it must be done appropriately and with wisdom. Social media will have its abundance of sharp quips, snarky remarks, and even angry mischaracterizations of its opponents. Christian, celebrate with discernment. Be mindful how you rejoice and know that the unbelieving world is watching. Do not proudly gloat like your team won the championship. The overturning of Roe v. Wade is significant, but it isn’t the most valuable issue for the Christian. We cannot celebrate like we’ve arrived, because we have a long way to go as a country and as a church. Rejoice righteously with a humble heart.

4. Pray Even More

Pray that abortion would be abolished completely. Pray that all women would be loved by local churches and pointed to righteous resources for their bodies and souls. Pray for more of God’s common grace to restrain evil everywhere. Pray that more lives of the pre-born will be saved and that children in the image of God will be given a chance to live and to have eternal life through the Gospel. Pray for these mothers who are in difficult situations to know Jesus. Pray for the church to navigate this with wisdom and respond in godly compassion yet stand for the truth. Pray for Christians to be bold in calling the world to believe in the Savior.

5. Hope in the Lord not Legislation

It seems that Americans only celebrate the Supreme Court when its decision lines up with their personal conviction. Christians should not get caught up in this type of trend. We can celebrate the good accomplished in our land, but must not put our whole hope in court decisions or legislation. Our ultimate hope and joy is not in the laws of this land. Laws cannot legislate morality. Laws cannot produce a new heart. Laws cannot forgive sins. And laws cannot grant eternal life.

Our hope is in the goodness of the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. The Lord is better than any law in every way. We must preach the resurrected Christ and His saving Gospel more than our favorite political issues. We must put our hope in the Sovereign who reigns on high and His Son who will return to make all things new and make all things right. He is also currently working in our land through these providential circumstances. The future will bring both good and bad news, the laws of the land will constantly change. But Jesus will be the same today and tomorrow. Our faith and hope will rest in Him.

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