Thankful for Ravi Zacharias

I praise the Lord for Ravi Zacharias’ influence on me as a young Christian. This Q&A is the earliest memory I have of listening to Ravi Zacharias, I highly recommend it to you. I remember downloading this as an MP3 and listening to it over and over again. Albert Mohler and the late R.C. Sproul are also present in this discussion. It’s surprising how relevant the discussion is to the the issues of today.

I’m thankful for Ravi’s ministry as a Christian apologist and am thankful for his ministry which encouraged me to learn more about Christ, to be faithful in evangelism, and to think through the tough issues of today with a biblical framework. I’m grateful for his life and ministry.

“Every time you deny an absolute, sooner or later you’ll smuggle in one through the back door which you cannot justify without God Himself.”

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