Notes on Chapel Message Re: Injustice

A few weeks ago I was privileged to sit under the teaching of a tried and true theologian, Dr. Paul Thorsell. He has taught at Cedarville University and The Master’s College (now The Master’s University). On his spare time he also teaches at The Los Angeles Bible Training School. Right now, he is currently teaching the class on the book of Revelation.

When he spoke in chapel he tackled a rather controversial issue in our society, injustice. This was a timely and very thoroughly biblical evaluation of how Christians ought to approach and think through the issues of social injustices our nation faces. The following are my notes to the chapel message:

He based his chapel message on Deuteronomy 21:1-9. He offered seven theological truths to consider whenever our culture is challenged with an issue of social injustice.

  1. God Cares About Injustice. Israel was called to take action whenever issues of unsolved social issues occurred in the land.
  2. Humans are Delegated to Practice Justice. God’s care for handling injustice has been handed off to the people of Israel. There is delegated authority to humanity to rightfully practice justice.
  3. God Calls for Qualified Individuals to Practice Justice. God-given delegated authority should belong in the hands of qualified individuals. In this instance, Israel has elders and judges and priests (vv. 2, 5, 6) who were called to implement God’s Word in moments of injustice.
  4. We Should Care for Injustice. Because God cares and delegates issues of injustice to be properly handled by qualified men, we should also care for injustices in the land. If God has cared enough to provide instructions, believers should care that His commands are appropriately obeyed.
  5. The Community is Responsible for Justice. There is a holy anger when the people of God do not properly deal with issues of injustice. It is so serious that there is a unique type of sacrifice demanded by God for Israel to practice (v. 4).
  6. Human Justice is Imperfect. There are times when certain crimes are not perfectly dealt with and conclusive answers cannot be reached. There are just some cases that will never close due to the sinful tendencies of those committing the crime, those in the community, and those leading the community.
  7. There Must be Atonement for Injustice. The leaders are called to offer a sacrifice and ask God for forgiveness on issues related to injustice. In other words, injustices are the result of living in a fallen world that needs to be redeemed.

3 thoughts on “Notes on Chapel Message Re: Injustice

    1. Yeah, Dr. Thorsell was great. He differentiated Israel from the church and contemporary government. He stuck to theological principles and allowed room to think through issues through the given paradigm above. It was so helpful that I think his principles should be applied in biblical counseling settings where individuals are struggling with what is going on in society.

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