Young Men, Heed the thoughts of J.C Ryle

J.C Ryle, a man considered to be the last Puritan, produced a well-known book titled Thoughts for Young Men: Addressing the Greatest Challenges in a Young Man’s Life in the 19th century.  The book is divided into four section with a conclusion at the end.

  1. Reasons for Exhorting Young Men
  2. Dangers to Young Men
  3. General Counsels to Young Men
  4. Special Rules for Young Men

J.C Ryle gives it straight to the young man.  He clearly addresses the things that men deal with daily such as immature joking, dating/courtship/marriage, and spiritual disciplines.  The book is short and so he doesn’t rebuke the reader heavily with his words.  His rebuke is exact.  His encouragements will quickly give the young man a jump start on the path to righteousness.  It will humble but only if the young man would heed it.

As a man the book has convicted me of my immaturity.  If I am to become godly leader in the home, the church and the work place I need to heed these words.  So I hope that young men get a copy and heed the words of the last Puritan.

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