Is God Punishing Me?


This is an old post that I never finished in seminary. The following is a messaged preached by John Street during a seminary chapel. It was an encouraging message that assist believers in understanding the discipline of the Lord in the right way, especially since many have misunderstood the teaching.


Dr. John Street preached in chapel this past Thursday and it was a great encouragement to me. Seminary life is difficult. Ministry life is difficult. Life is difficult. So with all the difficulties present in the life of brotherhood at TMS, it was a timely encouragement. Here is the outline that will help you follow along with the message below.

Hebrews 12:7-11

1) I have to view all hardship as God’s discipline

2) When God brings hardship, He is acting like a loving Father.

3) This discipline is not punitive; it is corrective.

4) You’ll know when discipline and hardship has done its job, when your heart is at peace.

Is God Punishing Me? By John Street. Hebrews 12:7-11. 5/23/2010

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