Youth: Imagined Invincibility


Came across this excerpt from a John Macarthur sermon on young men. I think the principle broadens to young men and women, so ladies take a glance at this too. This was truly convicting for me, since I too am young and not yet tested. May the Lord be gracious to us all (Emphasis mine below).

John Macarthur
God’s Plan for Younger Men
Scripture: Titus 2:6-8

Code: 56-16

Immaturity has its own problems.Youth Somebody said it’s too bad youth has to be wasted on the young, but that’s how it is. And youth because it is youth is immature…because it’s immature it has its own set of problems. For example, temptation is strongest in youth. Lusts are most compelling at that time. Habits are formed that rarely can be killed even in old age. I have stood by the bed of dying men who have confessed to me with tears that they have never been able to overcome the
habits of pornography that they began when they were youth. Youth is a time that presents more opportunity for sin, more frequent opportunity for sin. Youth is a time when ambition is strong, when pride is controlling. Youth is a time of unwarranted confidence, confidence you don’t deserve because it’s never been tested and you’ve never been proven. It’s a time of imagined invincibility. It’s a time of lacking of experience and experience mellows and softens and brings reality. It’s a dangerous dangerous time. And the future of the church is yet dependent on young men growing up in such dangerous times.

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