W&E: Nominal Christianity

Our most recent message in the Worldview & Evangelism series was from brother Vincent Sapitan. Nominal Christians are people who are Christian in “name only” and nothing else. These individuals profess to be Christians yet their hearts have not truly been changed, evidenced by their lifestyle and lack of fruit-bearing. Brother Vincent explains the danger of falling under this category of nominal Christianity.

Title: The Concern of False Action-less Faith and the Results of True Action-filled Faith

Text: James 2:14-26


I. The Concern of Action-less Faith (James 2:14-17)

A. Action-less faith is Pointless (v. 14a)

B. Perceived Salvation of Action-less Faith should fully be Doubted (v.14b)

C. Picture of Action-less Faith (v.15-16)

D. The Summary of Action-less Faith: it is dead (v.17)

II. The Characteristics and Results of True Action-filled Faith (James 2:18-26)

A. Showcases the True Faith. (v. 18-20)

B. Compliment and Completes True Faith Showing the Believer’s Justification (v.21-25)

C. Picture of Action-Filled Faith (v.26)


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