2014 Philippines Missions Trip Recap

My desire was to post the updates of the Pastor and Daniel’s missions trip as they came. However, that did not happen! So I thought it would be helpful to put them all here in one place for our subscribers who did not see the updates on Facebook. We’ll post the updates from time to time in the order they were written.

I hope this encourages you as read about our ministry in the Philippines.  The ministry is described through the lens of your average American college student with updates from our senior pastor. So please be encouraged by their personal perspectives and observations. They ministered to many people during this trip while they taught them how to rightly divide the Scriptures.

First Post: June 25, 2014

Greetings, from Iloilo!  (by Daniel Covarrubias)

After a 14 hour plane ride from Vancouver Canada we finally landed in Manila. When we landed we were graciously accompanied by Ate Cerella. She has been a great blessing to us. She is like my mom on this trip. She is always making sure we eat and are well taken care of. After we landed in Manila we had to get on another plane to Iloilo. After an hour of air travel, we make it to Iloilo and are picked up by Kuya Leo. He’s been our driver for the time being, taking us to Center For Community Transformation or CCT (where Pastor Felix has been training pastors), restaurants, and the Inn we’re staying at. Yesterday he taught three sessions, consisting of Eschatology and Hermeneutics. The audience Pastor was teaching to was very enthusiastic. I enjoyed the way they would ask questions out loud and discuss amongst themselves. They would always say something funny and it really made being there that more enjoyable. After the sessions, we drove around and bought some fruit. I tried chico for the first time, and really liked it. The mangos were delicious. Ate Celerra bought me balot.. it was better this time than the last time I ate it. We then went to our inn and slept. This morning after breakfast we had one more session on Eschatology and said farewell to the people of Iloilo. It was a great group of people. Interacting with them was fun. I talked to several of them about the US, school, scripture and even basketball. I love how passionate they are for basketball, they could talk about the game for days. I’ll miss them. They were truly a blessing to be around. We are at the Iloilo airport now awaiting our flight to Davao with a four hour layover in Cebu. We will be practicing patience throughout this time. Keep praying! Our journey keeps going.

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