Christian Ethics: Contemplations for the Single Christian

These are the notes from this past Sunday from our ethics series at SBCAC. One of our interns, Vincent Sapitan, preached this and it was very insightful. This has relevance to both the single Christian and the married individual. He hits on areas with regards to abstinence and purity, which are highly ethical issues in a society that does not see premarital or extramarital sex as wrong.

Vince is a close friend and brother, and I was encouraged to see how he has grown. So I hope you are blessed by the content too.

I will post the outline here and attach a PDF for your convenience.

Contemplations for the Single Christian

1 Corinthians 7:1-7

  1. Concerns about Singleness and Marriage (7:1a)
  2. Commendation of Abstinence (7:1b)
  3. Caution of Sexual Immorality (7:2a)
  4. Challenges towards and in Marriage (7:2b-5)
  5. Discovery of Spouse (7:2b)
    1. Duty of marriage (7:3)
    2. Dispensing of Personal Bodily Authority (7:4)
    3. Disagreement of Intimate Time (7:5a)
    4. Dichotomy between Spiritual Disciplines and Intimacy (7:5b)
    5. Danger of Satan (7:5c)
  6. Opinion of Paul (7:6-7)
    1. Wish of Paul (7:6)
    2. Will of God (7:7)

Notes on the study:

Contemplations for the Single Christian

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