Why I Use the NASB

The launch of the new Preacher’s Bible (designed by John MacArthur) by Steadfast Bibles has sparked a lot of discussion on Bible translations. The Preacher’s Bible was given to all the attendees of the Shepherds’ Conference as a free giveaway. It was such a generous gift from the folks from Grace to You. The Bible … More Why I Use the NASB

Book Review: Cambridge Pitt Minion NASB (Brown Goatskin)

I’ve always wanted to do a Bible review and today that becomes a reality. As my first review, I’ve chosen the Cambridge Pitt Minion NASB (Brown Goatskin). While most book reviews are normally literary, this is not that type of review. Reviewing Bibles seems to take on a different form within evangelical circles. The Bible … More Book Review: Cambridge Pitt Minion NASB (Brown Goatskin)