Grace Is Better Than Riches (Watson Weds)

“See the excellence of grace. It perseveres. Other things are but for a season; health and riches are sweet, but they are but for a season; but grace is the blossom of eternity. The seed of God remains. 1 John 3:9. Grace may suffer an eclipse, not a dissolution. It is called substance, for its solidity, Prov. 8:21; and durable riches, for its permanence. Prov. 8:18. It lasts as long as the soul, as heaven lasts. Grace is not like a lease which soon expires but it runs parallel with eternity” (Thomas Watson, A Body of Divinity, p. 198).

6 thoughts on “Grace Is Better Than Riches (Watson Weds)

      1. I think your second to last post was what I try to do these days; let it flow from other things I am doing or reading in my life outside of the internet

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