What You Forfeit When You Don’t Read Scripture

Consider this an encouragement to all who have resolved to read their Bible’s in the new year. A few weeks into the new year, I’m sure believers who have made this commitment may have already grown weary of the task of daily Bible intake. It may be easier to think that a weekly exposure to Scripture is sufficient. But as many have said, “It’s not enough to sit under the Word weekly; Christians must be in the Word daily.” Well, based on 2 Timothy 3:16-17 I’d like to encourage you be pointing out what you lose when you forfeit immersing yourself in the Christian Scriptures:

You Forfeit Teaching. Paul says that the Scriptures are profitable for “teaching.” This means that the Scriptures tell us what to believe, how to live, truths about ourselves and God. When you stop reading your Bible you stop learning and deepening your beliefs. You forfeit learning how to live a life that receives God’s blessing. Your forfeit learning about your Savior and how He changes your life.

You Forfeit Reproof. Paul also says that the Scriptures are profitable for “reproof.” This means that the Bible shows you areas in your life where you are in error. You forfeit divine admonishment. You forfeit one of God’s important means to show us the error in our ways. When you forfeit reading Scripture you become prone to deepen your erroneous ways.

You Forfeit Correction. Paul also says that the Scriptures are profitable for “correction.” In addition to showing you where you departed, it also shows you how to get back on the right track. Believers who stop reading their Bibles forfeit God’s wisdom to correct our wrongdoing.

You Forfeit Training in Righteousness. Paul also says that the Scriptures are profitable for “training in righteousness.” This means that the Bible builds up our faith and growth in godliness. Not only are we showed the error in our ways, what the correct actions are, but it also indicates for us how to put those truths into practice.

Believer, do not become discouraged from reading the Christian Scriptures. You are losing a lot more than you might think. You may making yourself to vulnerable to much more spiritual danger than you may think. This is not a plea for legalism, but this is a plea for a heart to long for godliness. Take up the book and read. Read and find teaching, reproof, correction, and training!

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