WW: God Always Keeps His Promises


This Watson Wednesday will focus on a few quotes from puritan Thomas Watson and how he dwells upon the truth of God as it pertains to God’s promises. May this remind you of God’s faithfulness to always keep His promises to you.

The truth of God in the promises. God’s truth is the seal set to the promise. “In hope of eternal life, which God that cannot lie hath promised.” Titus i. 2…. The word of a prince cannot always be taken, but God’s promise is inviolable. God’s truth is one of the richest jewels of his crown, and he has pawned it in a promise. “Although my house not be so with God, yet he hath made with me an everlasting covenant, ord red in all things and sure.” 2 Sam. xxiii.5.

“We are not,” says Chrysostom, “to believe our senses so much as we are to believe the promises.” Our senses may fail us, but the promises cannot, being built upon the truth of God. God will not deceive the faith of his people, nay he cannot. “God, who cannot lie, hath promised;” he can as well part with his Deity as his verity. God is said to be abundant in truth…. If God has made a promise of mercy to his people, he will be so far from coming short of his word that he will be better than his word. He often does more than he has said, never less. He is abundant in truth.

The Lord may sometimes delay a promise, but he will not deny. He may delay a promise. God’s promise may lie a good while as seed under ground, but at last it will spring up unto a crop…. But though God delay the promise he will not deny. Having given his bond, in due time the money will be paid.

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