WW: Unchanging Comfort

This Watson Wednesday makes a connection between the unchangeable nature of God and how that brings great comfort to every believer in the midst of trials. Thomas Watson shows how practical theology is by applying the immutability of God in daily life.

On The Unchangeableness of God

Comfort to the godly. 

1. In case of losses. If an estate be almost boiled away to nothing, if you lose friends by death, there is a doable eclipse; but the comfort is, God is unchangeable; I may lose these things but I cannot lose my God; he never dies…. Flowers in the garden die, but a man’s portion remains; so outward tings die and change, but “thou art the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever.” (Psalm 73:26).

2. In case of sadness of spirit. God seems to cast off the soul in desertion… yet he is unchangeable. He is immutable in his love; he may change his countenance, but not his heart. “I have loved thee with an everlasting love.” Jer. 31:3. If once God’s electing love rises upon the soul, it never sets… God’s love stands faster than the mountains. His love to Christ is unchangeable; and he will no more cease loving believers than he will cease loving Christ.

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