WW: Godliness Is Rational

For this Watson Wednesday, Thomas Watson discusses the logic and rationality of pursuing a godly life. From The Godly Man’s Picture page 201.

To Strive for Godliness is Most Rational

1. It is the highest act of reason for a man to become another man

If, while he remains in nature’s soil, he is poisoned with sin–no more actually fit for communion with God than a toad is fit to be made an angel – then it is very consonant to reason that he should strive for a change.

2. It is rational because this change is for the better

‘Now are ye light in the Lord’ (Eph. 5:8). Will not anyone be willing to exchange a dark prison for a king’s palace? Will he not exchange his brass for gold? You who become godly change for the better: you change your pride for humility, your uncleanness for holiness. You change a lust that will damn you for a Christ who will save you. If men were not besotted, if their fall had not knocked their brains out, they would see that it is the most rational thing in the world to become godly.

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