Star Trek Characters Yet Christ Above All

This is an old post from my Facebook account but I wanted to share it here since the new release of Star Trek Beyond is now being played in theaters.

Men of action, logic and emotion. This blog explains the relationship between Star Trek and Greek philosophy. I was always fond of Spock for how he logically processes things and sought to silence his emotions.

However all of these mental states (actions,logic and emotions) are governed by the self. These states, if governed by the self (or as the Apostle Paul identifies as the flesh) will not produce the perfect man. Actions, logic and emotions must be in subjection to the God-Man Jesus Christ who was perfect.

The more I submit my acts, mind and heart to Him, the greater I become. This greatness however will result in meekness which will only be manifest through imputed divine grace.

Let us look to Christ as our perfect model and not these or any other interesting fallen characters. Christ outshines them all.

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