MM: You Never Change (Sovereign Grace)

For today’s Music Monday, I want to go back into to a past Sovereign Grace Music song that has recently been a blessing to me. This song is titled “You Never Change” from the Sons & Daughters album. As you listen to the song, read the lyrics and I will highlight a few phrases that really hit me.


Father of lights, giver of gifts
There is no shadow in You
Author of life, Fountain of grace
Each morning Your mercies are new

And You never change, and You never lie
Age to age You are the same
I will trust in You, all Your faithfulness
For I know You never change

Father of love, source of all good
Tower of strength and my shield
When You gave Your Son for those who rebelled
Your love for the world was revealed

Father of peace, help of the weak
Though mountains fall into the sea
Though tempests may rage, the sun hide its face
Your favor will rest upon me

1. Chorus: “You never change, and You never lie” – God’s unchanging character is related to the surety of His Word and His promises. Though the secular world, the devil, and the flesh may doubt what God says, He always tells the truth.

2. Chorus: “I will trust in You, all Your Faithfulness” – This is a strong personal declaration to continue to trust in God and His faithful character. We all know that in the hard times, trust is one of the first things to leave our minds. We have no reason to doubt such a faithful God!

2. Verse 2: “Father of love, source of all good; Tower of strength and my shield” – A good reminder that all good things come from God. Even in hardships, they are for our good. God is strong enough to be our protector and shield when external pressures are weighing us down.

3. All of Verse 3 – This verse recognizes that God does indeed help His children in their weakness. Our lives can at times feel as though the mountains are falling “into the sea.” If the storms of life are raging, God’s favor and graces are ever abundant to help the Christian persevere.

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