Spiritual Compatibility: Who Should I Marry?

Everyone is looking for that special someone to marry. The local church is filled with single men and women who are eager to settle down with someone who loves them. Sadly, we see a compromise in Christian convictions happening more and more frequently in the name of “true love.” It seems as though believers are quick to sacrifice the Christian fundamentals and their biblical beliefs for any individual who will show even the slightest of interest.

H.B. Charles gives a clear and helpful exhortation for Christians to stay steadfast in the biblical search for a spouse. He begins by discussing some common issues with divorce and remarriage that may occur. Afterwards, he describes the dangers of pursuing a relationship with someone who is not a Christian.

I enjoyed his call to examine evidences of true saving faith in an individual. He fights for believers not to act naively as they enter into a relationship. He warns of those who professes Christianity but do not bear any fruit:

“Do not marry any person that does not have other people who can vouch for their devotion to Jesus outside of you. If you’re the only the one who believes they’re saved, then you might want to wait to get a second opinion.”

And how often have we tried to defend an individual’s love for God, not because they are truly saved, but because we want fool ourselves in getting a free pass to marry them when we shouldn’t. I hope this video is helpful to you as it was to me:

5 thoughts on “Spiritual Compatibility: Who Should I Marry?

  1. I found that in my situation, spiritual incompatibility went beyond salvation. I married a pastor’s daughter who resented ministry and ultimately wanted me to give up my calling. She eventually decided to pursue a life with someone else. I know that I married out of God’s will. That has serious consequences. I highly recommend that people not ignore the warning signs.

    1. Thank you for sharing that, Matthew. You’re right, there are warning signs before you get married and believers should take not before they make the commitment. Many believers today struggle not only with the desire to marry unbelievers, but they have the criteria for a spouse that is not godly (not a reference to your situation, just generally speaking). Many emphasize looks, feelings, and preferences as the criteria rather than maturity and Christlikeness, which should be the most attractive qualities in a person.

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